About Us

Vinyl wrapping was initially for fun, it developed into a passion and now a thriving business. Business began within a garage, expanding now into a warehouse. A warehouse with committed ‘artists’ who are passionate and enthusiastic, whilst offering endless possibilities and suggestions.

As an acclaimed artist, creative energy is often propelled throughout all tasks. An artist requires all of their senses: sight, smell, touch, and taste – these senses provide direction and they provide rhythm. It is a passion, a job but also a way of life; being a previous artist, this encourages ideas and suggestions to all customers.

Vinyl wrapping is a form of ‘art,’ it is expressive, particular and precise; it needs intricate detail and commitment. A client expresses their interest for a ‘car wrap,’ they state their intentions as well as their expectations and ultimately leave it for the ‘artist’ to create. The job entails a steadily paced hand and good eye for quality. – Adrian