Wrap Care


Look After Your Wrap with Our Vinyl Wrap Car Care Tips

Whether you have vinyl car wrap on your vehicle for promotional purposes or to change the colour of your car, it’s vital to maintain it over time to ensure it looks good and will last as long as possible. Below, the Melbourne car wrap experts at I’m Wrapped Vinyl Graphics share some important information about vinyl wrap car care for you to consider.

Why It’s Important to Practice Proper Car Wrap Care

The best way to extend the life of your vinyl car wrap is to keep it clean and protect it with wax. When wraps aren’t given the attention they need, they can require costly repair after just 6 months. Vinyl wrap car care is especially important in areas where there’s increased UV, such as mountain areas, while driving in urban areas like busy cities can lead to a build-up of smog and pollutants, affecting the durability of your car wrap if you don’t practice adequate car wrap care.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Wrap

Cleaning your car wrap regularly is recommended to remove pollutants, improve durability and keep your car looking its very best. At I’m Wrapped Vinyl Graphics, we recommend washing your car wrap by hand using water, a mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. Make sure the detergent has no abrasive components, alcohols or other strong solvents that could cause damage to your car wrap. After cleaning, waxing is recommended to provide protection over time. However, you should be wary of using certain products for car wrap care until you can confirm they’re suitable. For instance, if waxing, you need to avoid wax products that contain petroleum distillates.


Get Car Wrap Care Tips from the Experts

For vinyl wrap car care tips from the experts in the industry, get in touch with I’m Wrapped Vinyl Graphics. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you prolong the life of your car wrap with the best car wrap care information. Call our team in Melbourne today on 0421 770 135 for professional advice and assistance.